Social Impact, Supercharged

Powered by the EG community, Social Impact at EG is fundamental to everything we do.

Join us as we put our money where our mouth is, our wallet where our heart is, and build a better world for future generations.


Total Impact

"Best Social Impact Project"


With a volunteer network of hundreds around the world, we do direct impact on large and small scales.

From education initiatives to disaster relief, the EG community has defied the limits of an online movement.

Blockchain Alliance for Global Good

We believe in #CryptoUnited.

That’s why we founded the Blockchain Alliance for Global Good to unite blockchain and cryptocurrency companies together to incentivize inherent and integrated social impact, and change the world through joint ventures.

Our Partners

TCG World
Children International
EB Research Partnership
Action Against Hunger
Human Relief Foundation
The Ocean Cleanup
National Kidney Foundation
Pencial of Promise
Kimbal Musk & Green
The Giving Block
Angel Protocol
Women in Crypto
Color The Spectrum
Mother Earth Foundation


Founded in 2010, EB Research Partnership is the largest global nonprofit dedicated to discovering a cure for Epidermolysis Bullosa.

EG is the founding member of the #CryptoForCures Fund, and is helping EBRP reach their target funding. Together, we can cure EB by 2030.

Learn More About Curing EB