Crypto Lightning Exchange

Fully non-custodial, platform-native wallet management

Wallets Management Dashboard

Manage multiple crypto wallets
through the easy to use dashboard


Swap between cryptocurrencies on-chain via
your onboarded wallets and accounts


Easily transfer cryptocurrency between
Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, and more

Salesforce X Elongate

Easily manage your on-chain enterprise crypto wallets from the wallet management dashboard while powerfully expanding DEFI use-cases across your organization.


All you need to use Crypto Lightning Exchange

Full customer custody

Crypto is fully non-custodial meaning that all private keys are securely encrypted and stored inside your Salesforce instance. You hold the keys, you hold your crypto.

Segregated Witness

Supports modern Bitcoin/DEFI protocol features such as bc1 addresses that reduce your transaction fees.

Attach address to any record

Use Lightning App Builder to attach a unique set of Bitcoin addresses to any record whether it is a Case, an Account, or an activity.


Built with Apex and Lightning Web Components allowing the users to leverage all automation features of the Salesforce Platform such as Process Builder, Platform Events, Triggers, Classes, Permission Sets and others.

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Salesforce x Elongate

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What’s included

✅ Crypto SWAP & Transfers linked to Salesforce records

✅ Integration API

✅ Self-hosted Blockchain adapter

✅ Passed Salesforce security review

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Security & Privacy
Your own private keys
Protected transaction history
Monitored infrastructure
Access control logic
Server costs
One-click installation
High availability
Extensible API
Custom reports
Crypto Lightning Exchange
Bitcoin Exchanges
Self-hosted Wallets
~$65 / month

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