Transformative Tech for Good

When we said the blockchain would revolutionize philanthropy, we meant it. With the $EG Token at its heart, the ELONGATE Ecosystem makes social impact rewarding in every way.


DEFI social media, with a purpose - In Development

A DeFi engage-to-earn social media app with a wholesome twist. Everything you love about TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, but everyone gets a share of the money. A pool of $EG tokens is built up from corporate ads, NFT sales, and creator awards, and distributed every month to the users: content that makes the the world a better place earns the most.

Like, comment, share, and publish great content - every interaction earns Spark.

Spark some good in the world with a social impact project, and earn ten times as much. The more elongate tokens in your account, the more your Spark is multiplied. When the DeFi distribution happens every month, you can cash it out, or re-stake it to elongate your earnings even more.

When your profile hits 1000 followers, your followers can purchase a fractional piece of your profile, opening an entirely new market for content creators to build brand value. Users can trade the fractionals, and the creator gets a piece of every sale.

Spark puts the social into social impact: earn for doing good.

Crypto Lightning Exchange

Native Salesforce Integration

With enterprise wallet management and a KPI dashboard integrated within Salesforce, business clients can leverage the transfer of any cryptocurrency in their current sales process. Every transaction boosts EG volume, funds social impact, and clients can even direct their fee toward specific causes.

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Future UPGRADES to Spark


Charity managment platform

A radically transparent platform for showcasing and documenting social impact. Charities and NGOs that receive donations will provide direct updates, funds tracking, and create new opportunities for fundraising directly with their patrons. This platform is open to all charities, not just recipients of Elongate funding.


Social impact video monetization

A streaming service with compelling on-demand original series, podcasts, and documentaries. Engaging stories, thought leadership, and real-world transformations collide to illuminate the future of social impact. Content creators large and small collaborate in this platform to create viral media that makes the world a better place.