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See how many tokens you’ll automatically get when we launch the Ethereum Bridge

On October 1, 2021, a bug was triggered in the smart contract that reduced tokens by 11.34%. This affected users on-chain, and these tokens were burned to the Dead Wallet. Everyone is getting their tokens back automatically with the launch of the Ethereum Bridge. Read this forum post for the technical details.

Are you eligible for the ELONGATE airdrop refund?

DISCLAIMER: ELONGATE tokens may be distributed via ERC-20 upon launch of ELONGATE ERC-BSC Bridge. Distribution method is subject to change depending on different circumstances, technological capabilities, further research and development, or for any other reason. Distributions are determined according to snapshot data taken on the date of Auto-Burn malfunction, and distributions remain at the sole discretion and decision of the ELONGATE team. Distributions will be announced by the ELONGATE team upon execution and will occur automatically based on snapshot data. Distributions may not be requested directly by any user in an effort to prevent fraudulent interference, and are not guaranteed in scope or timing to any individual wallet. Airdrops will occur automatically. "ELONGATE team will not directly ask for any user information, and ELONGATE is not responsible for any loss of tokens due to fraudulent, phishing, scam, or other malicious activities purporting to relate to the airdrop. This form represents only an estimate of tokens to be distributed as a technological restoration gesture due to the disappearance of tokens from user wallets caused by a coding malfunction on 1 October 2021. It does not constitute a contractual guarantee or promise, or sale, transaction, purchase, trade, or other acquisition or exchange of value of ELONGATE tokens by ELONGATE or the user. Users agree to hold ELONGATE harmless for any and all actions related to the coding malfunction and airdrop token distribution. By using this form, ELONGATE user consents to the collection and storage of user’s personal email address according to all local and international privacy requirements, but can request deletion of personal data at any time by emailing [email protected]"

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