NFT Drops for Social Impact

NFT profits go towards donations to support worthy causes globally

Recent Donation

August 28, 2021 | Hospital Care with ZHC | Current Donation Size: $240,000

Help ENZO Save the Whales

Mark Rober and Mr. Beast are teaming up to save the ocean, and they need our help. You can donate directly at, AND 100% of every dollar spent on these NFTs goes to teamseas, as well as all royalties. We'll take all the funds and put crypto on the leaderboard, from all of us. Let's show charity what crypto can do.

Get them while they last!

100% of sales goes to pulling plastic out of the ocean. All proceeds
will be used to put crypto on the leaderboard.

Our First NFT Drop

Purchase the NFT on Opensea and help save the ocean.


Starting Price $200

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Stay tuned for more NFT Drops

A Token With A Purpose

Our aim is to ease the suffering of millions through charitable contributions.

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