NFT Drops for Charity

80% of profits goes towards donations to support worthy causes

Recent Donation

August 28, 2021 | Hospital Care with ZHC | Current Donation Size: $240,000

ELONGATE doesn’t just donate from transaction fees: We support charity with a variety of initiatives. Created by incredibly talented artists from the community, the ELONGATE NFT drops celebrate our mission of bringing the power of crypto to charity.

NFTs are purchased with BNB. In the future, the ELONGATE token will be integrated as a payment mechanism. Donations and NFT transfers are transparent for the community.

Don't miss the next drop

Drop starts between June 26th, 2021 and July 26th, 2021

    200 for Sale
  • Tulgey
    21 for Sale
  • Alexander 4 ELONGATE
    5 for Auction
  • ELONGATE Ultra Card
    2 for Auction

NFT’s will be available to purchase on our website via Binance NFT on our set date. Be on time and don’t miss our first drop.

NFT Art Competition

Become part of ELONGATE history – submit your work to become NFTs!
Please read our competition rules

Submit your art:
[email protected]

Our Previous Drops

  • 200 minted
  • 21 minted
  • 5 minted
  • 2 minted

NFT Drop Calendar

Stay tuned for upcoming drops

  • April 2021 - Completed

    Community Giveaway

    Be in our Telegram by Sunday 28.05.2021 1500CET to automatically enter our Ultra Rare NFT + more Giveaway.

    We will select 23 lucky members to receive NFTs ranging from common to Rare

  • June 26th - July 26th

    First NFT Drop

    We will drop our first collection of NFT artwork.

    Purchase one to enter our NFT giveaway the following week.

    80% of proceeds go to a selected charity.

  • TBD...

    First NFT Giveaway

    NFT Holders are entered into the draw to win our exclusive $ELONGATE NFTs!

    Ranging from common to ultra rare, holders will be randomly selected.

    Further utility will be unlocked in the future.

A Token With A Purpose

Our aim is to ease the suffering of millions through charitable contributions.

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